Popular IPC Certification Courses

When you choose to obtain an IPC certification, the knowledge and proficiencies you obtain in order to produce a consistent, high quality product make the certification process a worthwhile payback on your time. Obtaining an IPC certification in one or multiple levels of electronic, cable harness or PCB assembly or inspection demonstrates to your customers and partners that you follow widely-accepted industry standards and methods and can be trusted to make quality assemblies.


There are several different IPC certification courses to choose from. Selecting which one of those certifications is most appropriate for you and your staff is the first step towards accomplishing that task. Listed below are some of the most asked for IPC certifications which will assist you in the course selection process.

IPC-A-610 Inspection of Electronic Assemblies

This course targets acceptance and rejection of electronic assembly workmanship based on the IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies standard. This standard sets out through pictures, graphs, tables and illustrations what conditions are acceptable and rejectable based on the visual inspection of a PCB or other electronics assembly. It is a widely used worldwide standard. Certification in this course demonstrates a commitment to producing consistent, high-quality products. After course completion and passing of the final examination, certification lasts for two years. Recertification can be done through a challenge test, a “refresher” class or a full certification test.

IPC A-610 Certification | IPC Training at BEST Inc
IPC-A-610 Inspection of Electronic Assemblies

IPC-J-STD-001 Methods for Producing Electronic Assemblies

The IPC J-STD-001 is a hands-on and lecture-based learning of the materials, methods as well as acceptance criteria for producing high quality soldered interconnections and components. It is based on the Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies standardthe IPC-J STD-001. The course places an emphasis on industry consensus requirements for an assortment of electronic products. It is designed for someone who has already demonstrated basic proficiency in hand soldering. Certification in this course demonstrates a commitment to improving employee assembly skills and provides greater assurance of knowing best industry practices. The certification lasts for a period of two years.

IPC-A-600 Inspection of Bare Boards

This class is a lecture-based course dealing with the visual accept and reject criteria for the inspection of “bare boards” or unpopulated printed circuit boards. The standard, IPC-A-600 the Acceptability of Printed Boards outlines the inspection standards. This class is designed for PCB fabricators, OEMs and electronic assemblers desiring for continuous improvements related to the outgoing quality assurance. The course uses examples from industry, photos, graphs and illustrations in order to explain the material in the standard. This language and terms in the standard provide a common ground for speaking about PCB defects and anomalies. Certifications last for a two-year period.

IPC A-600 training For Specialist | IPC Training at BEST Inc
IPC-A-600 Inspection of Bare Boards

IPC-A-620 Inspection of Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies 

The industry standard for cable and wire harness fabrication and installation, the

IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. This course defines the acceptance, process indicator, target and defect conditions for final wire and cable harness assemblies. Instruction includes photos, images, illustrations and instructor samples to demonstrate the principles in the standards. This is a standard which helps to legitimize your company’s commitment to applying the standards and for improving quality insurance. Like the other standards certifications are valid for two years.

IPC-7711/21 PCB Rework and Repair 

This course is a hands-on course relating to the details of rework and repair methods for boards which are physically damaged (IPC-7721) or are not functioning due a malfunctioning or misplaced or wrong component (IPC-7711). This class is based on the IPC 7711/21 standard Rework of Electronic Assemblies/Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies. The rework (IPC-7711) defines methods to bring PCB assemblies back to their original design. The repair (IPC-7711) part of the standard shows methods for restoring functional capability to the PCB. Certification lasts two years.

IPC-7711/21 Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies
IPC-7711/21 PCB Rework and Repair 

The decision is in your hands after review of these popular IPC certification courses to choose the right course. Once a course is chosen, locating and vetting an authorized IPC training center is the next step in the process towards earning your certification. Look for an instructor staff with a wide array of experience and the credentials required. Choosing a training center with the flexibility to meet your schedule, teach using professional equipment and having a highly-skilled staff will make all the difference.

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